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Base Plate for Lathe Cross Slide - WM 280, WM 290

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    Allows a milling facility or rear tool post to be added to WM 280 & WM 290 lathes.

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    Base Plate for Lathe Rear Tool Post & Vertical Slide

    WM  280V & WM 290V

    All new product made exclusively for Warco.

    Designed in house by Warco engineers, this base plate mounts to your lathe cross slide.

    Once fitted, this will allow you to add a milling / vertical slide to your lathe.

    Will also allow you to fit a new Warco designed rear tool post - with machined slot which engages with a tenon on the underside of the tool post to avoid rotation.

    • Designed to fit the WM 280V and 290V lathes.

    Supplied with four tee nuts and allen screws


    • Supplied with four tee nuts and allen screws
    • Tee nut width - 9.82mm / 14.07mm
    • Base plate dimensions - 149.8mm x 97mm x 15mm
    • Vertical slide mounting holes - 40mm
    • Fixing hole centres - 56.6mm x 115mm

    The base plate will allow the following to be mounted

    Simple, effective base plate which allows  maximum usage from your machine.



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