Lathe Milling Slides

Base Plate for Lathe Cross Slide - WM 280, WM 290, GH600


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    Allows a milling facility or rear tool post to be added to WM 280 & WM 290 lathes.

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    Base Plate for Lathe Rear Tool Post & Vertical Slide

    WM 280V, WM 290V, GH600

    Another Warco exclusive.

    • Designed in house by Warco engineers, this base plate mounts to your lathe cross slide.
    • Once fitted, this will allow you to add a milling / vertical slide to your lathe.
    • Will also allow you to fit our Warco designed rear tool post - with machined slot which engages with a tenon on the underside of the tool post to avoid rotation.
    • A simple, effective base plate which enables maximum usage from your machine.
    • Supplied with four tee nuts and allen screws

    Designed to fit these Warco lathes

    • WM 280V
    • WM 290V
    • GH600


    • Tee nut width - 9.82mm / 14.07mm
    • Base plate dimensions  - 150mm x 97mm x 15mm
    • Vertical slide mounting holes - 40mm
    • Fixing hole centres - 56.6mm x 115mm

    The base plate will allow the following to be mounted



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