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Leasing - for business & education

We're pleased to be able to offer a new leasing service to our customers, available to businesses and education or training establishments including schools, colleges and universities.

Ideal for spreading the cost, minimise what you would otherwise have to pay upfront while taking advantage of our central bank's record low base rates. 

We are able to offer very tax efficient leasing terms with an option to buy for a nominal sum at the end of the term.

Why lease?

Leasing is an effective way to dramatically reduce upfront costs enabling you to purchase without paying the initial full price.

A key benefit of leasing is the tax savings. As well as avoiding the initial 20% VAT charge, repayments are completely tax deductible. This allows you to buy machinery while freeing up cash flow at the same time.

Leasing agreements are provided by a third party company who make the initial purchase of the equipment and enable you to pay in monthly instalments. You will have the opportunity to buy outright at the end of the agreement for just one additional monthly payment.

Benefits of leasing include

  • Leasing avoids the initial impact of 20% VAT on the whole project; instead it's applied only to the monthly rental value.
  • Manage cash flow more effectively and preserve cash reserves with smaller, regular repayments.
  • Upgrade your machinery more frequently, enabling you to have the latest equipment without having to make further capital outlays.
  • Eliminate the fixed asset depreciation on the machinery from your balance sheet.
  • Take advantage of flexible length repayment terms to suit your budget, with plans up to 5 years.
  • At the end of the lease term you can purchase the equipment from the leasing company for a nominal one month payment.
  • Low initial payment required.
  • Repayments are completely tax deductible.

More details

Minimum order size for leasing from Warco is just £1000. You just need to be a business or education buyer.

If you  would  like  to take advantage of leasing Warco machines, or if you have any questions you can call us on 01428 682929 or send us a message using the contact form.

We're always happy to put quotes together to suit individual requirements, whatever the size of your budget.


Warren Machine Tools (Guilford) Ltd are an FCA Appointed Representative of Complete Leasing Solutions Ltd and are therefore authorised for regulated credit activities. Firm Reference no: 987576