Drilling Machines

Drilling Machines

Quality drilling machines and drill presses for metalworking. Wide range available including both pillar drills and bench drills of all sizes, from hobby use right up to to industrial machinery.


  • £158.00

    Introducing an all new addition to the range of Warco workshop drilling machines, the Hobby Drill is a compact and robust bench drill.

  • £307.00
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    Relaunching with a much improved specification, the 2B5 now features a powerful 550w motor, increased speed range and improved capacity all round.

  • £545.00
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    The Warco 2F, a very robust, well engineered and built to last pillar drill.

  • £365.00
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    A firm favourite in the Warco drill machine range, the 2B12 is a very capable, well engineered machine.

  • £1,800.00

    Very robust and durable pillar drill. Ideal for education, training and industry facilities, the DT25 is superbly engineered throughout and built to last.

  • £720.00
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    Superbly well engineered and robust heavy duty drilling machine - ideal for the classroom and industry alike.

  • £2,825.00
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    Very high levels of quality throughout. Extremely robust, heavy duty and accurate pillar drill.

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