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Milling Head for WM 280 & WM 290 Lathes - Vertical Attachment

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    This device allows you to easily convert a lathe into a combined lathe with milling machine.

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    Milling Machine Head Attachment for Lathe 280 / 290

    To fit Warco WM 280V / WM 290V Lathes

    This attachment adds the functionality of a milling machine to the WM 280V or WM 290V lathe.

    Easily fitted and secured in place by allen screw, this attaches to the lathe to convert it into an all in one combination machine.

    Utilises the lathe cross slide as a milling table.

    For fitment advice for your particular machine, please see notes below. 

    Features include

    • Infinitely variable speed range from 50-2250 rpm
    • Dovetail column ensures positive location
    • Precision spindle supported on taper roller bearings
    • Adjustable gibs to slideways
    • Head tilt +/- 90°
    • Positive adjustable stop to vertical position
    • Rack and pinion drill feed plus fine feed for highly accurate machining
    • Locks to head, column and spindle
    • Digital metric / imperial depth gauge
    • Digital rev counter
    • Forward / reverse motor
    • Captive drawbar which avoids the need to strike the drawbar to release the tooling
    • Machined 'flats' on spindle to prevent rotation with supplied spanner during tooling change
    • Full specification of the milling head is equivalent of the WM 16 Milling Machine.
    • This is a metric machine.

    Warco Milling Attachment WM 280 290
    Illustrated above attached to a Warco WM 290V Lathe


    Standard equipment includes

    • 13mm drill chuck
    • Two drawbars - 10mm and 3/8"
    • Toolbox with maintenance tools.

    Fitment notes

    • New WM 280V and WM 290V lathes are pre-supplied with larger rear splash guards that can accommodate the attachment.
    • To fit this attachment to an older WM 280 or 280VF lathe (since discontinued models), a larger rear splash guard may be required.
    • We can always supply these larger rear splash guards if required.
    • Alternative solutions on machines without full size splash guards include removing the existing guard altogether, or it can be modified to enable unrestricted milling head movement.
    • Not suitable for lathes fitted with DRO (glass optical scales) as the rear scale obstructs installation. The exception to this is the WM 290V where it fits fine - on this lathe the rear scale is pre-positioned to accommodate the milling attachment.
    • Need advice about fitting? You can always contact us for more help.


    Full specification

    Item No.


    Maximum drilling capacity


    Maximum end mill capacity


    Distance spindle to table




    Spindle taper


    Spindle stroke


    Number of speeds


    Speed range in back gear

    50-1125 rpm

    Speed range in high range

    100-2250 rpm

    Head tilt left & right

    90° - 0° - 90°
    Positive stop to vertical



    Power supply


    Height from stand




    Price includes VAT and UK mainland delivery.

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