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Who uses Warco machines?

It was in 1975 that we started selling machinery and tools, and over the course of the last 46 years we have supplied many thousands of machines to customers worldwide.

To all of those that have chosen to buy from us, we’d like to take the this opportunity to say thanks. Whether you’re a budding model engineer just starting out needing a tool for a new home workshop, or a volume industrial buyer at a household name company, we still appreciate every single order – even after all this time, and no matter how big we get.

Customers that have come to rely on Warco products as part of their business, teaching or hobby have all enabled us to cement our position as a leading name for lathes, milling machines and metalworking equipment.

We're not normally the types to shout about it, but thought we'd share a few highlights from some of the better known names that buy from us and have opted to use Warco machines, that we remembered at the time of writing at least.



  • BMW Mini
  • Ford
  • Jaguar Land Rover Classic
  • Maclaren
  • Mercedes AMG F1
  • Rolls Royce



  • Balfour Beatty Plc
  • BAM Construction
  • GKN
  • JCB
  • Kier Group Plc



  • HMNB Clyde
  • Marshall
  • Ministry of Defence



Hundreds of schools, colleges and universities across the UK, including

  • Bath University
  • Bristol University
  • Cambridge University
  • Edinburgh University
  • Eton College
  • Goldsmiths
  • Imperial College London
  • Liverpool University
  • Manchester University
  • Nottingham University
  • Oxford University
  • University College London



  • Arla
  • Cadbury's
  • Coca-Cola
  • John West
  • Kraft Heinz
  • Ocado
  • Walkers



  • National Railway Museum
  • The British Museum
  • Victoria & Albert Museum



Too many to list, but a number of companies within these industry examples

  • Aerospace
  • Railways
  • Shipbuilding 


Other notables

  • BBC
  • Dyson
  • House of Lords
  • Tata Steel


Those are just some of the more memorable names we thought of while writing this, so we’ve undoubtedly missed a few out - but at least this should go some way to showing that when you buy from Warco, you’re in good company.

Read more about Warco here.



An installation with Warco lathes and milling machines for education, the engineering department at Riverside College.