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An explainer for why a lathe, milling machine or other product is showing as temporarily out of stock



If you want to know when a particular product will be back in stock, please don't hesitate to call us on 01428 682929 or via the contact form at

We've added some details below about why scarcity applies to some Warco products. If you are interested in buying something that's out of stock at the moment, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and to thank you for bearing with us.

The good news is that the vast majority of items that are currently sold out are either already shipped or well into production - so this is only a temporary situation and we are doing all we can to ensure absolutely everything will be restocked as soon as possible.


The key driver of current stock levels is that over the last year we have experienced unprecedented demand for our products. This has led to machines selling out very quickly, in some cases large volumes of a model selling out almost instantly. Often we will have whole batches of machines pre-sold to customers who have placed a reservation before we are able to add any additional stock for general sale online.

A consequence of this is that if you were only looking at the online product page for an item that has temporarily sold out, it might seem as though it's been out of stock for longer than expected. What isn't shown is that in the meantime whole batches will have come and gone, orders fulfilled and large numbers of machines making their way to our customers.

At the same time, we have been keen to keep our prices as low as possible. We like keeping our prices low as it means our customers are happy (you can also read more about the Warco approach to pricing below), but this does increase demand even further. 


By now we're all familiar with the global supply chain disruption affecting companies around the world. At Warco we've felt the impact of this in the form of significant increases of both manufacture and transit times. With demand for our products high, the nature of the system results in a lag between fulfilment that is particularly extended at the moment because of those wider supply chain challenges.

We have been able to address all this with production orders for thousands of machines in place for some time now. We work very closely with our suppliers, and together we are doing all we can to speed up the process.

Short version

In summary it's a classic tale of increased demand and reduced supply that has unfortunately led to a perfect storm of being temporarily sold out of some products.


  • We have heavily invested in new products to meet the increased demand. Every week now we are receiving deliveries of a large volume of machinery and tools, so the good news is that things are being restocked all the time.
  • We have a system where you can place a pre-order for anything that is currently sold out, and when the product is restocked one will be automatically reserved for you. There's no obligation and no need to keep checking availability, we simply contact you when the product is back in stock. Hundreds of our customers take advantage of this service. To reserve anything you can simply give us a call or send an email with the details.
  • Alternatively, on the product page of sold out items you will find a box where you can enter your email and select Notify me when available. By doing this, you will be emailed the moment something is restocked. Please note that some batches of machines can be pre-sold which sometimes means there is no stock leftover to add online - to overcome this we recommend placing a pre-order to be sure to guarantee your place in the queue.


We have always believed in pricing our products as reasonably as possible. As part of this same approach, we haven't taken a penny of any Covid-19 government scheme or subsidy such as furlough.

This means you can rest assured you will never overpay for anything you buy from us. We pride ourselves on being always transparent with our prices, and every product on includes VAT. Plus for all new machines weighing less than 500kg - which is most of them - there is no extra charge for UK mainland delivery.

At Warco there are no hidden costs, what you see is what you pay. A side effect of this genuine pricing is that our machines can sell out very quickly.

Finding out when a product will be back in stock

If you have a question about estimated lead times for any item currently out of stock you're most welcome contact us by

  • Email
  • Phone 01428 682929 

A quick way to be notified precisely when machines are back in stock is to visit the product page of the item you are interested in, then simply enter your email address in the available box to receive notification the moment it is restocked.

We are always keen to do all we can for our customers, so if you have any other questions please do contact us.

Thanks again for bearing with us.



Last updated: August 2022