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Warco: Quality machine tools since 1975

Welcome to the Warco online shop. We've been in the business of supplying quality engineering machinery and tools direct to clients globally for nearly five decades.

Machines and tooling for industry, engineers, professionals, schools, colleges, hobbyists and model engineers.

From workshops to factories, schools to prototyping facilities, defence to aerospace and automotive industries, many thousands of facilities worldwide rely on Warco machines for a

vast range of different operations. 

In our online shop you can find lathes, milling machines, bandsaws, drills, sheet metal machinery, sanders, grinders, polishers, lathe tools and much more. With over a thousand

different products, our range has just about everything needed to equip a workshop of any size. 

We pride ourselves in the service we provide at all stages, and keeping our customers happy is at the root of everything we do.

Warco is a name you can trust to provide the highest levels of experience, service and quality.


Dedicated, trusted, value, quality, experience & unbeatable service for 45+ years.


Warco range highlights


Our range of metalworking machinery and tools includes everything from drilling machines to grinders, from sheet metal fabrication tooling to workshop lighting, from vices to chucks, rotary tables to DRO and much more - for engineering professionals, hobbyists and educators alike. 

Even though we have more than a thousand different products, it's probably fair to say we are best know for our lathes. Offering them from the start, each one still comes with that renowned Warco quality as standard. From the Warco Mini Lathe through to large industrial gear head machines, we are able to supply a metalworking machine to suit nearly every requirement, as well as a huge range of lathe tools and accessories to go with. 

It's fair to say we know milling machines. We offer a wide choice for sale - from machinery suited to the home workshop or model engineer upwards, right the way through to mills for professional machinists. You can also find a variety of milling machine tools, parts and accessories; tooling available includes milling cutters, vices, collets, arbors, boring bars and end mills.

Our drills are suited to both metalworking and woodworking, and there's a varied range of options - from compact bench mounted to large pillar drill presses.

If you need a machine for grinding, polishing or sanding we have that covered too. From heavyweight professional grade equipment, right the way through to the home workshop or hobby sized.

Sheet metal and fabrication forming equipment is one our favourite things. Whether it's bending, cutting. rolling or forming, we have a range of machinery to match - both manually operated as well as large powered industrial sized devices.

We are proud to be Members of both the British Educational Suppliers Association and the Design & Technology Association. For more information about our safe and excellent quality education range, including case studies, please visit our Warco Education website. We have a long history of supplying machines of all sizes to schools, colleges and universities across the country. Academic facilities relying on Warco machines include Cambridge University, Oxford University, Eton College, University College London, as well as new build academies and UTCs like the JCB Academy. We specialise in bespoke installations for teaching and training, Warco is the name you can trust for student machinery. Read more about some of our education installations on the Warco Blog.

Why Warco?

Warco is the brand name for Warren Machine Tools Ltd, a British company established more than 45 years ago. From humble beginnings in the mid 1970s, to our current position as one of the leading suppliers of machines and tools in the UK, we now export machinery all over the world and our machinery is relied upon by tens of thousands of facilities worldwide.

From the start, our focus on customer care and providing the best possible service has always been our main focus. When buying from us, it's important that our customers are happy at all stages.

Our loyal customers have long since been our best allies. Listening to our buyers over the years has enabled us to identify what's in demand and we've always striven to supply the products to match. Always putting our customers first has cemented our reputation in the industry as the trusted go to name. Don't just take our word for it, see who uses Warco machines.


We started out as engineers and this background has always been at the heart of the company. Originally operating as sub-contract engineers, we recognized the need for machine tools that were both quality and affordable at the same time. We pioneered this segment of the market in the UK, and we now have a track record of decades of dedication to engineering.


We've made a huge investment in tools and spare parts to back up our machinery. We understand that your relationship with Warco doesn't stop after you buy a machine from us - we have full time staff just dedicated to supplying Warco spare parts. This means you can rest assured that even years after buying your machine, you will still be able to rely on us to offer support.

Quality & service

We never compromise on quality, even when we offer some of the most competitive prices found anywhere. Quality control matters to us, and the independent quality control procedures we have instigated with our suppliers have had a huge impact on the accuracy, feel and finish of all our products.

Our dedicated inspectors work right at the production stage  to ensure that our consistently high standards are always maintained. During all our years of supplying Warco machines, we have always striven to offer the best possible product at the lowest possible prices, and we won't be beaten on service.

Book a Demonstration

We pride ourselves in being more than just an anonymous internet company and always had a showroom at our old Chiddingfold address. However, due to our exciting move to bigger and better premises in Passfield, we are now in the process of building a brand new showroom that won't be open until early 2024. In the meantime, please call us on 01483 682929 to book a machine demo. It's still 'business as usual' for Warco, and we very much look forward to welcoming you.



Unit 3c, Passfield Mill Business Park

Mill Lane



GU30 7QU

Questions & contact

If there's anything else you'd like to know about Warco or if you would like help with anything you're welcome to contact us.


Company details

Company name: Warren Machine Tools (Guildford) Ltd

Trading as: Warco

Registered office: Warco, Unit 3c Passfield Mill Business Park, Passfield, Hants, GU30 7QU

Company registration number: 01286391

VAT number: 296 0030 70

Warco ® is the brand name and registered trademark of Warren Machine Tools (Guildford) Ltd.