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Lathe Vertical Milling Slide - Warco WM 180


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    product description

    Vertical Milling Slide for Warco WM 180 Lathes

    This attachment allows you to start milling on the Warco WM 180.

    • A compact vertical slide
    • for Milling Plate you will require item 9607 & 9607FIX, added at an extra cost.
    • Machined to locate on the location boss on the top slide.
    • Rebated to engage with the top slide for squareness.
    • For absolute accuracy we recommend the use of a dial gauge using the chuck face as datum.
    • With metric graduations.
    • Tilts 45°, secured by locking nut.
    • A well engineered device, built to last. 

    Vertical slide dimensions

    • Height excluding handle - 220mm
    • Base length - 110mm
    • Overall length - 193mm


    Price includes mainland UK delivery and VAT at 20%.


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