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ER 32 D1-4 Lathe Collet Chuck


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    ER 32 Lathe Collet Chuck - D1-4 Fitment

    An ER 32 collet chuck designed for direct mounting.

    Direct mounting to spindle means greater accuracy.

    Another advantage is no need to fit and machine a backplate to accommodate a separate collet chuck.


    • Hardened and ground.
    • Collet capacity - 3mm to 20mm.
    • Diameter - 125mm
    • Bar stock will pass through collet and chuck.
    • Supplied complete with C spanner.



    • Ideally suited to Warco lathes with D1-4 spindle such as GH1230, GH1236, GH1322, GH1330 and GH1440.


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