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ER 25 Collets - Imperial

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    ER 25 Collets - Imperial

    ER 25 individual collets in a range of imperial sizes.

    • The ER system really offers unbeatable performance.
    • Capacity ranges from 1/8" to 9/16"

    Imperial sizes available

    • ER25 Collet 3/32" (Item No. 9094.3/32)
    • ER25 Collet 1/8" (Item No. 9094.1/8)
    • ER25 Collet 3/16" (Item No. 9094.3/16)
    • ER25 Collet 3/8" (Item No. 9094.3/8)
    • ER25 Collet 1/4" (Item No. 9094.1/4)
    • ER25 Collet 5/16" (Item No. 9094.5/16)
    • ER25 Collet 5/8" (Item No. 9094.5/8)
    • ER25 Collet 1/2" (Item No. 9094.1/2)
    • ER25 Collet 9/16" (Item No. 9094.9/16)

    Advantages of the ER collet

    • By far the most versatile collet system.
    • The main advantage is the ability for the collets to grip both imperial and metric sizes.
    • Additionally, threaded shank or plain shank cutters can be used.
    • The ER system is an industry standard, originally for use on milling machines.
    • To widen the application, we have introduced an inexpensive ER collet chuck to fit to a lathe backplate. Bar stock can pass through the collet and lathe spindle.
    • The ability to use similar collets for both lathe and milling machines results in exceptional versatility and value.

    We also offer the ER milling system in boxed sets to cover the whole range.

    Alternatively a milling collet chuck or lathe collet chuck can be purchased separately.

    Individual collets can be added to suit your application.

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