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ER 25 Lathe Collet Chuck 100mm

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    ER 25 Lathe Collet Chuck 100mm

    Low Cost, highly accurate collet chuck for lathes

    The ER collet system offers unbeatable performance.


    • Hardened and ground.
    • Bar stock will pass through collet and chuck.
    • Collet capacity 1.5mm - 16mm.
    • Diameter - 100mm.
    • Register - 72mm.
    • Supplied complete with C spanner.



    • Ideally suited to Warco lathes such as the WM 180 / 240 / 250 / 280.
    • For larger machines, we recommend the equivalent ER 32 chuck.
    • NEW! A direct fit onto the following Warco lathes: New Super Mini Lathe*, WM 180, 240 and 240B - meaning no backplate required!
    • For lathes other than those mentioned above, a backplate is required to fit - more info below.


    How to fit this collet chuck to a lathe?

    • To mount this collet chuck to your lathe it is necessary to add a backplate. (This doesn't apply to the New Super Mini Lathe / WM 180 / 240 / 240B. For these, no backplate is required as mentioned above).
    • Machining the backplate is best undertaken on your lathe to achieve maximum accuracy.
    • To do this, secure the back plate to the spindle.
    • Skim across the face to ensure squareness, then machine a spigot to match the register of the collet chuck.
    • It is necessary to measure the PCD of the fixing holes in order to secure the chuck to the backplate.
    • Image showing how to mount ER collets shown above.

    * This collet chuck is directly compatible with the Warco Super Mini Lathe (Item No. 4900 & 4901) - the latest version only, which is the type supplied with a 100mm 3 jaw chuck when new. For the regular Warco (non-Super) Mini Lathe and previous versions of the Super Mini Lathe (those supplied with an 80mm chuck when new), a backplate is still required.

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