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4 Jaw Independent Chuck Mini Lathe

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    Available in a choice of sizes - 80mm for older Mini Lathes and 100mm for the New Super Mini Lathe.

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    product description

    4 Jaw Independent Chuck for Mini Lathe - 80mm / 100mm

    For Warco Mini Lathes.

    • 4 Jaw independent chuck.
    • Superb quality.
    • Very well engineered throughout.
    • With reversible jaws.
    • Complete with chuck key.
    • A direct fit to Warco Mini Lathes (please see size details below).

    Types available

    • 80mm (Item No. 4801)

    For Mini Lathe & previous specification Super Mini Lathe (Machine Item No. 4800 / 4820).
    This 80mm chuck is compatible with the now discontinued regular Mini Lathe (with 300mm between centres) and previous version of the Super Mini Lathe. These Mini Lathes were sold new up to mid 2017 and were originally supplied with an 80mm 3 Jaw chuck.

    • 100mm (Item No. 4902)

    For New Super Mini Lathe (Machine Item No. 4900 / 4901).
    This 100mm chuck is compatible with the New Super Mini Lathe, the updated specification machine sold from late 2017 onwards. This is the type to select if you are buying a Super Mini Lathe today.

    Size guidance 

    • As well as the information above, another quick way to tell which diameter chuck your Mini Lathe requires is to check if an 80mm or 100mm 3 jaw chuck originally came with the machine - the compatible 4 jaw will be the same diameter. 
    • Still not sure? Check the table below, or feel free to contact us for assistance.

    Chuck Item No.DiameterTo fit lathe (Item No.)which came withand was purchased
    480180mmMini (3004 / 3005)
    Super Mini (4800 / 4820)
    80mm 3 jawBefore 08/17
    4902100mmNew Super Mini (4900 / 4901)100mm 3 jawAfter 08/17

    You can select the type required from the drop down menu above.

    Note about delivery

    • Delivery times on this item might be slightly extended because it requires machining in our workshop in order for it to be a direct fit.


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