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Drill Chuck

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    Keyed type drill chucks, in a range of different sizes.

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    Drill Chucks

    Quality hard wearing chucks, very useful addition to your machine.

    Suitable for many different lathes, drills and milling machines.

    Size options available from the drop down menu above.

    Types available

    Item No.Chuck typeChuck taperCapacity
    5578KeyedB121.5 - 10mm
    8140KeyedB161 - 13mm
    8141KeyedB163 - 16mm
    8145KeyedB183 - 16mm

    (Keyless drill chucks available here)

    Recommended sizes for fitting to Warco lathes

    Mini Lathe, Super Mini Lathe

    • B12 10mm.

    WM 180, WM 240/240B, WM 250/250V, WM 280V, WM 290V, GH600

    • B16 1-13mm or
    • B16 3-16mm.

    GH1230, GH1236, GH1322, GH1330, GH1439, GH1440

    • B16 1-13mm,
    • B16 3-16mm or
    • B18 3-16mm.



    To fit one of these drill chucks to a machine, a corresponding arbor is required.

    You can find more details about selecting the correct arbor for your drill chuck in the links above. 


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