R8 Direct Collets - Metric

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    R8 Direct Collets - Metric

    Direct collets in R8 spindle taper size.

    • Tapped 7/16" unf for drawbar.
    • Ideal for a range of different milling machines.
    • Range range of different sizes available - from 3mm to 20mm.
    • Quality, extremely durable milling addons.

    Metric sizes available

    • R8 3mm (Item No. 4315)
    • R8 4mm (Item No. 4327)
    • R8 5mm (Item No. 4328)
    • R8 6mm (Item No. 4316)
    • R8 8mm (Item No. 4329)
    • R8 10mm (Item No. 4317)
    • R8 12mm (Item No. 4323)
    • R8 14mm (Item No. 4330)
    • R8 16mm (Item No. 4318)
    • R8 18mm (Item No. 4332)
    • R8 20mm (Item No. 4333)

    About direct collets

    • These collets are an alternative to the collet chuck system.
    • Each direct collet is held by the machine drawbar.
    • As the collet is drawn into the quill it firmly clamps around the end mill / slot drill shank.
    • Both plain and threaded shank cutters can be used.
    • Direct collets do not overhang which allows maximum capacity between the spindle and table.
    • Collets can be purchased individually and are therefore very affordable.

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