New Collet Chuck Set & Individual Collets

Posilock Collets - For Collet Chuck

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    Available in metric and imperial sizes.

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    Individual Posilock Collets

    • Unbeatable quality collets.
    • These collets are ideal for housing a range of differerent threaded milling cutters.
    • Collet outside diameter is constant between metric and imperial, making full interchange possible.
    • These are useful if for example you have a metric collet chuck set, and want to use imperial sizes - or vice versa.

    Range of different sizes available


    • 6mm  (Item No. 8205)
    • 10mm (Item No. 8206)
    • 12mm (Item No. 8207)
    • 16mm (Item No. 8208)


    • 1/4"  (Item No. 8201)
    • 3/8"  (Item No. 8202)
    • 1/2"  (Item No. 8203)
    • 5/8"  (Item No. 8204)


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