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Vice Jaws Aluminium - Magnetic Alloy for Bench Vices

    £7.88 Inc. VAT

    product description

    Aluminium Vice Jaws - for Bench & Machine Vices

    Popular selling, high quality magnetic vice jaws made from aluminium.

    • Featuring strong magnets to secure jaws to vice.
    • Horizontal and vertical vee ways to safely hold a round work piece.
    • Allow a smooth finish to avoid marking your work piece.
    • Universal design to fit a whole range of different vices.

    Choice of sizes available

    • 75mm / 3" (Item No. 9116.75)
    • 100mm / 4" (Item No. 9116.100)
    • 125mm / 5" (Item No. 9116.125)
    • 150mm / 6" (Item No. 9116.150)

    Please note: the number of vertical vees varies depending on size.

    Item No.Length Number of vertical vees


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