Vices & Vice Jaws

Drill Vice

    £31.50 Inc. VAT

    Available in 80mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm jaw width sizes.

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    product description

    Drilling Machine Vices

    High quality drill vice, very robust construction throughout.

    • Manufactured from high grade cast iron.
    • Jaws hardened and ground.
    • Long mounting slots.
    • Fixed jaw with vertical and horizontal vee.
    • Both jaws have rebates.

    Available in a range of sizes to suit different sized drilling machines

    Vice details

    Item No.9056.809056.1009056.1259056.150
    Jaw width80mm100mm125mm150mm
    Jaw height30mm30mm35mm40mm
    Jaw opening80mm100mm110mm140mm
    Length open230mm280mm345mm380mm
    Length closed230mm280mm345mm380mm

    Please note

    For mounting a vice to a drill table, fixing bolts & tee nuts are necessary  - these are sold separately.

    We have a range of specially made fixing kits to suit all Warco drills. Full details below.

    Vice & fixing kit guide for Warco drilling machines

    DrillVice Item No.Fixing kit (sold separately)
    2B5 / 2B12 / 2F9056.1259599
    DT 169056.1259599.16
    DT 259056.1509599
    40 BSF9056.1509623

    Fixing kit notes

    • These sets are specially designed to be directly compatible with the vice & matching drilling machine. 
    • Enable the vice to be securely mounted to the drill's table slots.
    • Sold separately.
    • See above table for a guide to vice and fixing kit compatibility.
    • Fixing kit numbers in the table above are clickable links to the relevant product page.



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