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    Milling - Hardback Book

    By David A. Clark

    An comprehensives guide milling and milling machines, this hardback book is packed with information all about metalworking on the mill. 

    • Hardback book
    • 112 pages
    • 167 colour illustrations
    • 45 diagrams

    Milling is one of the principal and most versatile machining processes for sizing parts in the workshop. Whether a professional engineer looking for advice, or an amateur looking to install your first milling machine, this book will show you how to make full use of your milling machine safely and effectively, and enhance your milling skills.

    Focusing on the commonly used vertical mill and vertical turret mill, and with practical advice and diagrams throughout.

    Book includes

    • A guide to buying, installing and using a small milling machine and accessories.
    • Basic cutting tool principles and more advanced milling methods, including drilling, tapping and reaming
    • Instruction is also given on a variety of techniques ranging from work holding in the vice to using a rotary table and dividing head.

    Illustrated throughout.

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