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    Metal Turning on the Lathe - Hardback Book

    By David A. Clark

    An excellent guide to metal turning on lathes. This book is packed with information about metal lathes.

    • Hardback book
    • 120 pages
    • 239 colour illustrations

    The lathe is an essential tool for all but the most basic of workshops. It enables the engineer to produce turned components to a high degree of accuracy. A very versatile machine that can be used to make a wide range of engineering components. This book shows you how to make full use of your lathe safely and effectively in the workshop.

    Topics covered include

    • A guide to choosing a lathe looking at different sizes and features available.
    • Advice on installing and maintaining a lathe, selecting and sharpening tools, and working with chucks.
    • Instruction on a range of techniques ranging from how to hold work in a collet through to cutting a screw thread.

    A practical guide to this essential tool, the lathe, aimed at both the aspiring and experienced engineers, model makers and horologists, Metal Turning on the Lathe gives advice on choosing, installing, maintaining and using a lathe safely and effectively in your workshop.

    About the author

    David Clark has spent over 30 years in the engineering industry and is the editor of Model Engineer and Model Engineers' Workshop.

    Illustrated throughout.

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