Book - Gearing of Lathes for Screwcutting


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    Gearing of Lathes for Screwcutting - Hardback Book

    By Brian Wood

    A very comprehensive hardback book, packed with illustrations, how to guides, dedicated to the practice of gearing on lathes for screw cutting.

    • Hardback book
    • 160 pages
    • 102 colour photographs

    This title is aimed specifically at the engineer for use in the workshop. It is intended to take away as much as possible of the mathematics and mystique from calculating gear ratios, so that the more enjoyable work of using your lathe to make things becomes as easy as possible.

    Topics covered include

    • Myford and other types of lathes
    • Approximations and alternatives
    • Errors and their significance
    • Comprehensive screwcutting tables for the non gearbox mini lathe.

    Illustrated throughout.

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