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Backplate for Warco Mini Lathe

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    product description

    Backplate for Warco Mini Lathes

    Backplates allow the mounting of collet chucks or alternative lathe chucks.

    100mm diameter.

    Available to fit both old and latest Warco Mini Lathes - please check below for more details.

    Back plate fitting

    • These backplates are supplied machined to fit to the appropriate hobby lathe spindle, and plain on the other side.
    • Machining / drilling will be required on thid front side to suit your particular application - ie whichever chuck is going to be installed.
    • This is a straightforward procedure:
    • To ensure absolute accuracy, it is necessary to machine a suitable spigot on the backplate to match the register in the back of the chuck.Due to the various chuck PCDs, it is also necessary to drill and possibly tap the backplate to accept whichever chuck is being mounted.

    Types available

    Machine Type

    Item No.


    New Super Mini Lathe



    Previous Mini Lathe / Super Mini Lathe



    Which backplate to select depends on the Mini Lathe model:

    • For the current lathe - Item No. 4904

    To suit the current Super Mini Lathe, the type supplied with 100mm chuck. These machines are the ones sold from 2018 onwards.

    Machine item numbers - 4900 / 4901.

    • For the previous lathe - Item No. 4806

    This is suitable for the previous Mini Lathe / Super Mini Lathes - those originally supplied with 80mm chuck.

    Machine item numbers were - Mini - 3004, 3005 / Super Mini - 4800, 4820.



    Image above shows a general backplate as a guide, the one you will receive will look different to this.

    Collet chucks

    • Back plates are ideal for mounting a collet chuck to a lathe.
    • Collet chucks available here - for the Mini Lathe, ER 25 100mm is the type to go for.


    Other backplates available


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