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Backplate for Boxford Lathes


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    Backplates for Boxford Lathes

    Backplates allow the mounting of collet chucks or alternative lathe chucks.

    This backplate is designed specifically to fit Boxford lathes.

    125mm diameter.

    Also suitable for Atlas, Viceroy and Southbend machines.

    Thread size 1 ½” x 8 tpi.

    Backplate fitting

    Backplates are supplied machined to fit to the appropriate lathe spindle.

    Backplate machining will be required to suit  your particular application, which is a straightforward procedure:

    • To ensure absolute accuracy, it is necessary to machine a suitable spigot on the backplate to match the register in the back of the chuck.
    • Due to the various chuck PCDs, it is also necessary to drill and possibly tap the backplate to accept whichever chuck is being mounted.


    Collet chucks


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