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Mini Formit - 3 in 1 Universal Sheet Metal Machine


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    Warco Mini Formit for bending, cutting / shearing and rolling -  truly a 3 in 1 sheet metal machine.

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    Warco Mini Formit - 3 in 1 Universal Sheet Metal Machine

    Now one of our best selling sheet metal machines.

    With all the features associated with larger sheet metal equipment in a very compact size.

    A 3-in-1 machine that functions as a guillotine, roller and bender.

    Ideal for bending cutting or rolling aluminium, copper, brass and mild steel.


    • 3 rolls including rear pinch roll and top slip out roll
    • Segmented press brake tooling for box and pan folding up to 90°
    • Hardened and ground reversible shear blade
    • Front squaring arm and rear back stop
    • Operating handle can be left or right side
    • With adjustable back stop



    Max. material width

    200mm / 8"

    Max. shearing capacity (thickness)
    for mild steel *

    1mm / 20swg

    Max. sharing capacity (thickness)
    for aluminium, soft brass, copper *

    1.2mm / 18swg

    Max. bending capacity


    Bending angle


    Min. rolling diameter


    Dimensions L x W x H
    (Excluding handle grips)

    320 x 200 x 250mm



    * Not suitable for stainless steel. Using stainless steel or exceeding the maximum recommended material thickness will invalidate your warranty

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