Indexable Lathe Tools

Tips Set for 7 Piece Indexable Lathe Tools

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    7 piece set of replacement tips , available with choice different sizes to suit 8mm, 10mm or 12mm indexable lathe tools

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    Tips for Indexable Lathe Tools - 7 Piece

    Full sets of replacement tips for indexable lathe tools.

    • Tip set includes all 7 pieces, one for each tool.
    • Replacement tip sets are ideal to replace worn out items or to keep as spares.
    • The tools these tips are suitable for can be found on this page.


    Tip sets available

    For tool sizeTool set Item No.Tip set Item No.

    You can select the tip set required from the drop down menu above.

    Guide to selecting the correct tips

    • In the table above, the tool size column in the table above refers to the tools' shank size that the tips set is suitable for.
    • For example, for the 10mm 7 piece tool set (Item No. 8946), the corresponding tips are Item No. 8946A.  For this example, we would select the 10mm tips option from the drop down list above.


    Other tips available to fit these tools


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