Indexable Lathe Tools

Tips Set for 16mm 9 Piece Indexable Lathe Tools

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    Full set of replacement tips for 16mm lathe tool set.

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    Tips for Indexable Lathe Tools - 9 Piece 16mm

    Full sets of indexable lathe tool tips.

    • Tip sets include all 9 pieces, one for each tool.
    • Ideal as spares or to replace worn out tips. 
    • TIN (carbide titanium nitride) coated for super long lasting use.

    Notes for tip types

    Two different types of tips are available for 16mm 9 piece tools, both current spec and previous version.

    Suitable tips for the sets currently sold are the default option above - so if you're buying tools today you can go ahead with those. 

    Need tips for an older set of tools, or not sure which type you require? More details below

    • 9117 set (new type, as shown here) - compatible tips are Item No. 9117A
    • 8948 set (old type, now discontinued) - compatible tips are Item No. 8948ANEW

    If you don't have an item number for your tools and need help identifying type you have:

    • 9117 new type tools - are supplied in a metal case (all 2017+ purchases).
    • 8948 old type tools - were supplied in a wooden case (pre-2017 purchases).


    Types available

    Tool sizeTo fit set Item No.Tool set came inDate set boughtTip set Item No.
    16mm9117Metal packaging2017 onwards9117A
    16mm8948Wooden packagingBefore 20178948ANEW

    You can select the type required from the drop down menu above.


    Other tips available to fit the current (9117) 16mm 9 piece tools


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