Indexable Lathe Tools

Threading Tip - For Indexable Lathe Tools

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    product description

    Threading Tip

    Replacement threading tip for indexable lathe tools.

    • Ideal for replacing a worn item.
    • Suitable for the threading tool that comes with our 7 and 9 piece indexable lathe tools.

    Types available

    • Single tip for 8mm / 10mm / 12mm tools (Item No. 8946C)

    Compatible with:
    7 piece set (Item Nos 8945, 8946, 9346)
    9 piece set (Item Nos 9344, 8947)

    • Set of two tips for 16mm tools (Item No. 9117C)

    Compatible with:
    9 piece set (Item No. 9117) (not compatible with other 16mm tools).

    You can select the type you require from the drop down menu above.

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