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Threading Tip - For Indexable Lathe Tools

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    product description

    Threading Tip

    Replacement threading tip for indexable lathe tools.

    • Ideal for replacing a worn item.
    • Suitable for the threading tool that comes with our 7 and 9 piece indexable lathe tools.

    Types available

    • Single tip for 8mm / 10mm / 12mm tools (Item No. 8946C)

    Compatible with:
    7 piece set (Item Nos 8945, 8946, 9346)
    9 piece set (Item Nos 9344, 8947)

    • Set of two tips for 16mm tools (Item No. 9117C)

    Compatible with:
    9 piece set (Item No. 9117) (not compatible with other 16mm tools).

    You can select the type you require from the drop down menu above.

    Please note tips are only compatible with item numbers listed above.

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