Digital Readouts DRO

Digital Readout DRO Scales

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    Stainless steel non-waterproof machine scales which can be used independently, or combined a digital readout counter.

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    Digital Scales - Machine DRO Digital Readout Measuring

    Very robust, simple to operate scales with an easy to read counter.

    • Can be used independently or attached to the optional DRO counter.
    • Available as either horizontal or vertical, in a range of different sizes.
    • Hard wearing stainless steel construction.
    • Ideally suited to a variety of different lathes and milling machines.
    • Supplied with brackets for quick and easy mounting to your machine.
    • Non-waterproof. Battery included.

    Functions include

    • Inches / mm (Imperial / Metric)
    • ABS
    • Hold
    • On/off
    • Zero.

    Digital readout counters directly compatible with these scales available here.

    Scale sizes available

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    Size guidance notes

    You can calculate the scale size required for your machine by looking up or measuring your machine's cross, longitudinal or vertical traverse - depending on what you want to measure. Then you can select a scale size that matches.

    Using the Major mill as an example:

    • Longitudinal travel is 508mm, so to measure this axis we would opt for a 500mm horizontal scale.
    • Cross travel is 203mm; for this axis we would opt for a 200mm vertical scale.

    Equivalent scenarios to the above apply to lathes.

    To measure the vertical axis on dovetail column milling machines using these scales, generally we would use the distance from spindle to table to select the correct scale size.

    The scales are designed so that they can be cut down to fit your specific application if necessary, making them even more universal.

    It is generally a good idea to select the closest larger size to the axis travel measured. For example to measure 180mm travel, a 200mm scale would be optimal.

    Useful table showing recommended scale sizes for Warco machines can be found on this page.

    It is your responsibility to chose the correct size for your particular application, but if you need more assistance about the most appropriate size for your Warco machine, you can always contact us.

    If you are using coolant on your machine, find a waterproof DRO system here.


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