Digital Readout DRO Counter

Low priced but highly accurate DRO counters for the non-glass optical scales.

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£40.00 Inc. VAT

Machine Digital Readout (DRO) Counters

Very useful measuring devices, these digital readouts are compatible with a wide range of different lathes and milling machines.

Easy to connect, with a positive plug connection.

Available in either single or two axis options.

These readouts work in conjunction with these separately available scales to give a very accurate readout.



  • Option of metric / imperial readings.
  • With zero facility.
  • Battery powered, battery included.
  • Connecting cables included.


Two different types available:

  • Single axis (for 1 scale) Item No. 9393
  • Two axis (for 2 scales) Item No. 9494



These readout counters require corresponding scale(s).

Find a range of compatible scales to fit in various sizes here.