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Vee Block Toolmakers Precision With Clamp


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    Toolmakers' Precision Vee Block With Clamp

    Ultimate Vee Block for grinding, milling or drilling work.


    • Made of hardened and precision ground tool steel.
    • Sides are parallel and vee is central and ground.
    • Central hole is provided for drilling or removing pins.
    • Clamp is smaller than outside width of the vee block and has adjustable side screw for support.
    • Vee block has four 3/8" tapped holes, two in the base and one each side for clamping.
    • Block is provided with black oxidized clamp.


    • Length - 92mm
    • Width - 48mm
    • Height - 48mm
    • Clamping hole - 8.5mm
    • Holding capacity - 33mm



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