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HV4 4" (100mm) Rotary Table Horizontal & Vertical

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    HV4 rotary table, supplied with dividing plate set (3 plates).

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    HV4 4" (100mm) Horizontal & Vertical Rotary Table

    Quality precision rotary table in 4" size.

    • New 4 slot design.
    • Worm is hardened and ground.
    • Ratio 90:1.
    • The work table is graduated a full 360° so that one turn of the handle moves the table through 4°.
    • Micro collar is graduated in steps of 1m.
    • Vernier scales settings down to 10 seconds.
    • Supplied complete with instructions.

    Full specification

    • Table diameter 110mm
    • Height 80mm
    • Base dimension 85 x 145mm
    • Tee slot width 11mm
    • One rotation of the handwheel rotates the table 4°
    • Table graduated 360°
    • Handwheel graduated in seconds
    • Centre height in vertical position 85mm
    • 2MT centre


    Suitable for a range of different milling machines, including Warco WM14, WM16 and WM18.

    Range of accessories available, including clamp kit, tailstocks and chucks with backplates.

    Price includes VAT and mainland UK delivery.


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