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Slideway Lubricant Oil


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    Slideway Lubricant Oil

    Specifically developed for the lubrication of machine tool slideways and tables

    • Formulated from high quality mineral oil with performance additives, incorporating a tackifier to ensure that the lubricant adheres to the moving parts at all times.
    • Performance additives provide outstanding resistance to oxidation, corrosion and wear.
    • Eliminate stick slip and judder that sometimes occurs in mechanically and hydraulically operated machine tools.
    • Exceptional film strength to prevent pick up and scoring on bearing surfaces under the most severe conditions, including intermittent use
    • Will continue to perform even under the continual washing action of water based cutting fluids.
    • 500ml size.



    Recommended for slideways, tables, carriages, guides and all machining centre applications where a tacky extreme pressure lubricant is required.

    This oil may also be used for the lubrication of headstocks, cross feeds, saddles and gearboxes.




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