Digital Vernier Calipers

Digital Vernier Caliper Scale Fractional - 150mm / 6"


    £35.70 Inc. VAT

    product description

    Fractional Digital Vernier Caliper Scale

    150mm / 6"

    Highly precise electronic digital measuring calipers.

    • Metric and imperial readings - both decimal and fractional (eg 7/16").
    • Easy to convert across the three measuring disciplines.
    • Stainless steel construction.
    • Ideal for model engineers.
    • Knurled thumb wheel for precise, accurate positioning.
    • Large, easy to read screen
    • Positive push button controls.
    • On / off and zero functions.
    • Instructions to get you started.
    • Battery included.
    • Supplied complete with hard wearing storage case with protective lining.


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