Carbide Brazed Lathe Tools

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Carbide Tip Lathe Tool 90° Shoulder

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    Tungsten carbide tipped lathe tool with 90° Shoulder, available in a range of 6 different sizes.

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    Tungsten Carbide Brazed Tip Lathe Tool (TCT)

    90° Shoulder /  Din 4980/ISO 6

    Quality lathe cutting tool.

    Featuring tungsten carbide tip (TCT).

    Different sizes available.

    Item No.


    Left / Right
    55088 x 8 x 80mmRight
    55098 x 8 x 80mmLeft
    551010 x 10 x 90mmRight
    551110 x 10 x 90mmLeft
    551212 x 12 x 100mmRight
    551312 x 12 x 100mmLeft


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