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Digital Readout Counter DRO - For Glass Optical Scales

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    These counters, combined with the corresponding glass optical scales, will transform working on your lathe or milling machine.

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    Digital Readout DRO Counters

    Very high quality high end digital readout counters (DRO) for glass optical scales.

    • The readout is totally sealed to protect the electronic circuitry against hazardous environments, such as dust, coolant or swarf.
    • To avoid overheating of the PCB caused by the totally sealed enclosure, the metal front plate and panel quickly dissipate the heat generated by the electronic circuitry. In addition, an ultra low temperature rise transformer is used.

    Available for use with either milling machines or lathes. Two types available:

    • 2 Axis DRO - Item No. 3402 ES14 (Shown in main image above)
    • For longitudinal & cross (Y & X Axis). Suitable for lathes or milling machines.

    • 3 Axis DRO - Item No. 3404
    • For longitudinal, cross & vertical (Y, X & Z axis). Suitable for milling machines only.



        DRO shown here fitted to a Warco HV Universal Mill


        • Resolution 0.005/0.0002".
        • Supplied with a pivot support arm.
        • Very durable construction.
        • Extremely high levels of accuracy and precision.
        • Complete with comprehensive instruction manual.


        Find a range of glass optical scales to fit here





        Clear zero
        Centering (1/2)
        mm/inches display
        Power off memory
        199 SubDatum
        Reference memory
        Built in calculator
        Pitch circle diameter
        Line hole positioning
        Inclined machining


        Work in conjuction with the separately available DRO Glass Optical Scales.

        Supplied for self fitting. We are also are always happy to supply and fit DRO systems to machines.

        For us to install DRO, there would be an additional charge - feel free to contact us for a quote or any more information.

        Price includes VAT & UK mainland delivery.



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