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Milling Machine Stand - Major, Major GH, GH Universal

    £204.75 Inc. VAT

    Suitable for the Major, Major GH and GH Universal milling machines. 
    Please note that if buying this stand separately from a machine, there is an additional delivery charge. Find more details below.

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    Mill Cabinet Stand - Major / GH / Universal Milling Machines

    High quality milling machine stand.

    • With plenty of storage space.
    • Very robust design, built to last.
    • Excellently well made.

    Suitable for these Warco milling machines

    • Major
    • Major GH
    • GH Universal
    • Super Major 

    Stand dimensions (W x H x D)

    • 535mm x 635mm x 686mm

    Before placing an order, please read this delivery information first

    • If you are buying the stand on its own without a machine, a delivery charge applies. Full details below.
    • If ordering the stand alongside one of the above milling machines, there's no additional charge for delivery, as this will enable us to deliver the stand and mill at the same time.

    Please note

    • If you are buying this stand without a machine at the same time (for example if buying it for a mill bought previously), there is a £50 charge for delivery.
    • If you'd like to order this stand without the milling machine, it is therefore necessary to add "Stand shipping" to your basket from the drop down menu above.
    • A failure to do so unfortunately means we would be unable to process your order.
    • The reason the charge applies is because our stands require a palletized delivery to ensure safe arrival. This incurs the additional delivery cost.
    • All stand orders placed with a machine at the same time have the price of delivery included.


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