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New Multi Tool Grinder & Polisher 40 Piece Accessory Kit

Multi Tool Grinder & Polisher - 40 Piece Accessory Set


    £5.00 Inc. VAT

    product description

    Multi Tool - 40 Piece Accessory Set

    Set of attachments with a range of different applications.

    40 piece set, equipped with an excellent selection abrasives, grinding stones in different grits, felt buffing / polishing wheels and sanding tools.

    • 40 pieces in total.
    • Includes two collets.
    • Universal 3.2mm fitment comprehensive set of attachments.
    • Suitable for using on a range of different materials.

    Tools include

    • Sanding bobbin with four abrasive drums
    • Mini polishing mops
    • 10 grinding stones with various shapes
    • 2 twist drills
    • Mini sanding discs variety pack
    • Grinding & cutting attachments
    • Pointed diamond tool
    • 2 collets

    Set compatible with these Warco grinders


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