New Soft Arbors - 2MT / 3MT

Soft Arbors - 1MT / 2MT / 3MT

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    With 1" arbor length.

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    Soft Arbor - Morse Taper Sizes

    Featuring hardened and ground tapers.

    • Very useful machinable arbor.
    • Available in 1MT, 2MT and 3MT sizes.


    Item No.DiameterLengthTaper/thread
    89801"1"1MT tang
    898130mm30mm2MT 10mm 
    89031"1"3MT 12mm

    Tapers available

    • 1MT with tang (Item No.8980)
    • 2MT Tapped 10mm (M10) (Item No. 8981)
    • 3MT Tapped 12mm (M12) (Item No. 8903)

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