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Warco DRO Digital Readout System Scales - Glass Optical

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    Digital readout systems are now proving to be the most popular additions to Warco lathes and mills. This new Warco system is very precisely engineered, highly accurate and built to last.

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    Warco Digital Readout Machine DRO - Glass Optical Scales

    Range of sizes available to fit all Warco lathes & milling machines

    New Warco digital readout system for lathes and milling machines.

    • These DRO scales are glass optical and completely waterproof.
    • Advantage of compact width for unobtrusive installation on smaller machines, making installation straightforward, and maximizing travel on lathe and milling machines.
    • Combine with the separately available digital readout counters for a complete DRO system.
    • Supplied for self fitting.


    • Linear glass optical.
    • Completely swarf and coolant proof.
    • Compact 18mm scale section, ideal for smaller lathes and mills.
    • Unlike more traditional larger section scales, these will not impede travel or 'get in the way'.
    • Narrow size scales maximses milling machine Y axis travel, allows for maximum travel on cross feed.
    • Working temperature: 10°C - 60°C.
    • Professional level quality, industrial standard, very well engineered throughout.
    • Straightforward to use, highly accurate system.
    • All necessary connecting cables included.
    • Sizes available range from 100mm - 650mm.

    Compatible with a wide range of different lathes and milling machines.

    As every machine is different, these scales are provided with universal brackets that will require modification to fit your particular application.

    Guide to the sizes recommended for Warco machines below.

    Milling machineScale travelItem No.
    Major GH300mm5107
    GH Universal250mm5106
    Super Major250mm5106

    *Assumes current version of WM14 with 500mm overall length table. Previous WM14 table was 400mm, so if you own one of these, substitute 350mm longitudinal for 250mm (Item No. 5106).

    LatheScale sizeItem No.

    Digital readout display to use with these scales available here

    General notes

    • For overall length of scales, add 118mm to the measuring length.
    • Intended for customer installation. Brackets supplied with these scales are general fitment, so they will need to be modified in order to fit your particular machine.
    • Round column machines such as the Major and Major GH  are incompatible with a vertical scale.
    • To work these scales, they need to be used in conjunction with this readout.
    • For larger machines, find heavy duty larger section scales here.

    Size guidance notes - if your machine is not listed above

    You can calculate the scale size required by looking up or measuring your machine's cross, longitudinal or vertical traverse, depending on what you want to measure. Then select a corresponding scale size.

    We generally round up where we don't have an exact match, in  order to measure the full length of travel.

    Using the WM16 as an example:

    • Longitudinal travel is 485mm, so for this axis a 500mm scale is required.
    • Cross travel is 175mm, for which we would recommend a 200mm scale.

    Equivalent scenarios to the above apply to lathes.

    Remember, the key measurement to select a scale is traverse (ie the distance of travel) rather than overall length of the table/cross slide etc. Hence using the WM16 example above, overall table length is 700mm but the relevant measurement is the 485mm distance of travel.

    We are happy to offer sizing advice for Warco machines - feel free to contact us if you need further guidance.

    This DRO system will also work with mills and lathes from other manufacturers. While we are unable to help with specific size questions for non-Warco products, the information above will enable you to select the correct scales for your machine.

    For machines requiring larger scales (for example lathes from the GH550 upwards or milling machines from GH Universal / VMC upwards), alternative heavy duty DRO scales available here.


    Image above shows 1x scale with readout counter (available separately).

    Looking for photos showing how to install these scales? Start here:

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