Boring Bars & Heads

Boring Head Set 38mm - 2MT

    8961 2MT

    £72.45 Inc. VAT

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    product description

    Milling Boring Head Set 2MT

    38mm (1.5") Diameter

    High precision milling machine boring head.

    Supplied with set of 3 carbide brazed boring bars 8mm.

    Very well engineered and durable set.

    • Head diameter - 38mm
    • Capacity 0-38mm with vertical tool.
    • Accepts 8mm tooling diameter.
    • 2MT (2 morse taper) shank.
    • Tapped 3/8" Whitworth thread for drawbar.
    • Maximum boring diameter excluding tool 60mm.


    3MT version available here.

    Price includes VAT and UK mainland delivery.


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