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Head Band Magnifier


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    Head Band Magnifier

    A very useful workshop aid

    • Ideal for intricate model making, precision work, watch and clock repairs.
    • Incorporating a set of 3 lenses for maximum flexibility, choice of magnification levels.
    • Ideal for intricate model making, watch and clock makers or repairers, other intricate work.
    • Adjustable fitment.
    • Offering excellent levels of magnification for precision work.




    • 1 lens x 1.8
    • 2 lenses x 2.3 or 3.7
    • 3 lenses x 4.8

    Other specs

    • Acrylic lens
    • Light weight - 110g
    • Easy to adjust Velcro fixing
    • Can be worn with your own glasses underneath.

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