100mm HV4 HV5 Chuck & Backplate for Rotary Table

100mm chuck with back plate. All new design with integrated arbor for perfect fit. For the HV rotary tables.

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£85.00 Inc. VAT

HV4 & HV5 Rotary Table Chuck & Back Plate 3 Jaw 100mm

New design  back plates with incorporated arbor

This chuck features a new back plate system designed in house by Warco engineers.

With unique arbor machined as part of the back plate to ensure the most secure fitment.


  • A 2MT locating arbor is an integral part of the backplate.
  • Arbor is a precise fit into chuck back plate to ensure positive centralised location.
  • The machining process ensures that the  arbor is exactly in the centre of the backplate.
  • Ground arbor locates precisely into the centre 2MT table bore.
  • Location is exactly in the centre of the table, there is no need to clock.
  • Height 75mm


Available to fit either 3 or 4 slot rotary tables:

  • For 3 slot - Item No. 9113.3  (HV5 & old HV4)
  • For 4  slot - Item No. 9113.4 (Current HV4 & HV6)

(Current HV4 is 4 slot, previous type was 3 slot.  Remember to check the number of slots your rotary table has, and buy accordingly.)


Much improved system from lesser versions with separate arbor.

Supplied with tee nuts and bolts to secure the front mounted chuck to the rotary table surface.

Chuck comes complete with inside and outside jaws.

 Ideal addition to the HV4, HV4 tilting or HV5Also compatible with the HV6.


Following items included in this package:

  • Chuck - 100mm 3 jaw
  • Back plate with incorporated 2MT arbor centre to locate in table taper bore
  • Inside & outside jaws
  • Chuck key
  • Tee nuts & allen screws


Includes everything needed to fit, no machining required - just fit straight on.

Very high quality rotary table chuck solution, supplied complete and ready to attach.


Price includes VAT & UK mainland delivery.