4 1/2" Universal Bandsaw Blades

Available in 6, 10, 14 or 24 tpi. Choice of flexible carbon or bi-metal blades.

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£14.75 Inc. VAT

Universal Bandsaw & Mitre Arm Bandsaw Blades

64" x 1/2"

Choice of flexible carbon blades or high speed steel bi-metal blades.

Suitable for the Warco Universal 4 1/2"  / Mitre Arm Bandsaws.


Range of different tpi available:

  • 24 tpi: Light gauge material, for instance light wall tube and extrusions.
  • 14 tpi: General purpose blade for most bar stock in mild steel, aluminium, brass and plastic.
  • 10 tpi: Large selection bar stock.
  • 6 tpi: Tooth formation skip for cutting wood. Whilst these metal cutting bandsaws are not quite sufficiently fast for wood cutting, they nevertheless cut efficiently.


Blade types:

  • The carbon blades are a flexible carbon steel produced by a specialist Sheffield manufacturer.
  • The bi-metal blades are longer lasting and comprised of high performance HSS and cobalt steel with backing material in alloy tempered steel.