14" Wood Bandsaw Replacement Blades 6017

£14.00 Inc. VAT

Woodworking 14" Bandsaw Blades

Replacement blades, 6 skip general purpose. 6TPI.

For the 14" Warco Professional Bandsaw (Item No. 6017 or 6017B).


Choice of 3 different widths:

  • 3/8"
  • 1/2"
  • 3/4"


Two different lengths available for the above widths:

  • Old type - to suit the previous specification bandsaw (Item No. 6017 or 6017B). Blade length 2750mm.


How to tell if your bandsaw requires a 2750mm or 2790mm blade:

We recommend referring to your instruction manual or the label on the front of your machine.

This bandsaw's specification changed in 2014, so as a general rule:

  • Machines from 2014 onwards will be 6017B and the New type 2790mm blade is required in most cases.
  • Machines purchased prior to 2014 will be 6017 and the Old type 2750mm blade is required.

Still not sure? Feel free to contact us for help.