Milling Machine Tray - Extra Wide

Suitable for Major, Major GH, GH Universal and Super Major milling machines.

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£68.00 Inc. VAT


Wide Coolant Tray Milling Machines

Warco coolant tray for milling machines.

Ideal if you're using coolant.

Designed to catch liquid overflow and swarf generated during the machining process.


Suitable for the following Warco machines:

  • Major Milling Drilling Machine
  • Major GH Milling Machine
  • GH Universal Milling Drilling Machine
  • Super Major Milling Drilling Machine


Please note

Due to the size of this tray, it's not available for separate delivery - we can only deliver if you're ordering a machine at the same time.

If ordering with any of the machines listed above, there will be no extra charge for delivery.

Unfortunately we will be unable to process any orders for this tray without a machine.