Lathe Collet Chucks

5C Precision Collet Chuck


    £140.00 Inc. VAT

    product description

    5C Precision Collet Chuck

    • 5" diameter
    • Scroll mechanism, key operated.
    • Top levels of precision, you will not find a better 5C chuck anywhere else.
    • Accepts 5C collets.


    Collets available in either metric or imperial


    Fitting a collet chuck to a lathe

    To mount a collet chuck to your lathe it is necessary to add a backplate. Machining the backplate is best undertaken on your lathe to achieve maximum accuracy. To do this, secure the back plate to the spindle. Skim across the face to ensure squareness, then machine a spigot to match the register of the collet chuck. It is necessary to measure the PCD of the fixing holes in order to secure the chuck to the backplate.

    Range of lathe back plates available here.


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