Indexable Milling Cutters End Mills - 3MT

£31.00 Inc. VAT

3MT Indexable End Mill - Milling Cutters

Very high quality milling machine tools.

Indexable end mills in 3MT (3 morse taper).

Threaded for mill drawbars.


Available in the following configurations:

  • 3MT 25mm 2 tips end mill - 3/8" thread  (Item No. 8931)
  • 3MT 32mm 2 tips end mill - 3/8" thread (Item No. 8883)
  • 3MT 32mm 2 tips end mill - 12mm thread (Item No. 8883M)
  • 3MT 40mm 3 tips end mill - 3/8" thread (Item No. 8934)
  • 3MT 50mm 3 tips end mill - 3/8" thread (Item No. 8884)

Select the type you'd like from the drop down menu above.


Replacement tips for each of these end mills also available:

  • 3MT 25mm replacement tip (Item No. 8936A)
  • 3MT 32mm replacement tip (Item No. 8934A)
  • 3MT 40mm replacement tip (Item No. 8933A)
  • 3MT 50mm replacement tip (Item No. 8884A)


We also have 2MT and R8 end mills:

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