Indexable Milling Cutters End Mills - 2MT

£15.00 Inc. VAT

2MT Indexable End Mill - Milling Cutters

Very high quality milling machine tools.

These indexable end mills are in 2MT - 2 morse taper.

Available in either 16mm (1 tip) or 20mm (2 tip) sizes.

Choice of either imperial (3/8" Whitworth) or metric (10mm) thread to suit the mill drawbar.


16mm version - with one tip:

  • 2MT 16mm - tapped 10mm (Item No. 7063M)
  • 2MT 16mm - tapped 3/8" (Item No. 7063)


20mm version - with two tips:

  • 2MT 20mm - tapped 10mm (Item No. 7064M)
  • 2MT 20mm - tapped 3/8"  (Item No. 7064)


Replacement tips also available:

  • 2MT 16mm replacement tip (Item No. 7063A)
  • 2MT 20mm replacement tip (Item No. 8931A)


Alternative versions available: