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Drill Chuck

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    Keyed type drill chucks, in a range of different sizes.

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    Drill Chucks

    Quality hard wearing chucks, very useful addition to your machine.

    Suitable for many different lathes and milling machines.

    Types available - select the size you require from drop down menu above

    • Key - B12 10mm (Item No. 5578)
    • Key - B16 1-13mm (Item No. 8140)
    • Key - B16 3-16mm (Item No. 8141)
    • Key - B18 3-16mm (Item No. 8145) 

    (Keyless drill chucks available here)

    Sizes we recommend for fitting to Warco Lathes

    • Mini Lathe, WM 150 -

    B12 10mm.

    • Other variable speed lathes such as the WM 180, WM 240, WM 250 and WM 280 -

    B16 1-13mm or B16 3-16mm.

    • Gear head lathes such as the GH1236, GH1322, GH1330 and GH1440 -

    B16 1-13mm, B16 3-16mm or B18 3-16mm.


    To fit one of these drill chucks to a lathe, a corresponding arbor is required.

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