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Warco DRO Digital Readout System - Counter

£140.00 Inc. VAT

All new low cost Warco DRO system.  Combine these counters with the corresponding glass optical scales to transform working on your lathe or milling machine.

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Warco Digital Readout Machine DRO Counter

2 Axis or 3 Axis


Special introductory price!

All new Warco digital readout system for lathes and milling machines.

In response to customer demand for a low cost self-install DRO, we're proud to be introducing this all new designed system, with all the features of much more expensive systems at a much lower price.

We recently did a low key pre-launch this product to certain customers without any publicity, and we've been super impressed with the feedback and simple word of mouth demand the release generated so quickly.

Now tried, tested, approved and made publicly available, this system is quickly finding its way into engineers' workshops up and down the country and becoming the new standard for small to medium sized Warco machines.


  • Completely sealed to prevent the electronic circuitry against hazardous materials such as dust, coolant or swarf.
  • Industrial quality, highly accurate, straightforward to use, very well engineered throughout.
  • Combine with the separately available glass optical scales for a professional level, high performance and complete digital readout system.
  • Supplied for self fitting.
  • Supplied complete with operation manual and installation guide.



  • Resolution 0.005mm / 0.0002".
  • Working temperature - 10°C - 60°C
  • Digital screen allows for PCD calculations.
  • Reading head traverses on a 5 precision bearings system.
  • Very robust, durable construction throughout.
  • Highly precise machine measuring system.
  • Supplied with a pivot support arm.
  • Operation and installation instruction manuals included.
  • Compatible with a wide range of different lathes and milling machines.


Two types available:

2 Axis DRO (Item No. 5102)

  • For 2 scales - cross & longitudinal traverse (X & Y Axis)
  • Suitable for lathes or milling machines.

3 Axis DRO (Item No. 5101)

  • For 3 scales - cross, longitudinal & vertical traverse (X, Y & Z axis).
  • Suitable for milling machines.

Range of scales to fit this device available here.


Complete DRO glass optical system from just £295* delivered!

*Using the WM14 with 2 scales as an example:

2 axis counter - £140 / Horizontal scale - £85 / Cross feed scale - £70



  • This readout is intended for customer installation.
  • To work this readout counter, it needs to be used in conjunction with these scales. You can also find a guide to recommend scale sizes on that page.


Wondering  how fit this system?

An illustrated installation manual is included. For more detailed images, the following links should be helpful too:


Our price includes VAT & UK mainland delivery.


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