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Clamp Set - 6 Piece


    £15.50 Inc. VAT

    product description

    Clamping Set - 6 Piece (7mm Stud Size)

    6 piece clamp set.

    Supplied complete with metal storage case.

    Superb work holding equipment.

    Plated finish, very solidly made throughout.

    Set includes:

    • 2x Studs - diameter 7mm
    • 2x Clamps - length 100mm
    • 2x Step Blocks - height 45mm
    • 2x Tee nuts flanged - for studs


    Tee nut size:

    • Base 14.85mm
    • Slot width 9.66mm
    • Overall height 11.96mm


    Ideal for milling machines such as the WM 14, and lathes such as the WM 250 / 240.

    This set is also available with larger 9mm studs and larger tee nuts here.

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